IT recruiting services for employers

We offer flexible IT staffing solutions

Alteo offers a full range of IT staffing solutions to employers: recruitment of permanent IT professionals, staffing of IT consultants and head hunting of IT executives.

Recruitment of permanent IT professionals+

Our team has extensive experience in the recruitment of permanent IT professionals. We work on a contingency basis. A fee is due only if we find the right candidate for you. To attract the best IT talents, let us do a search in parallel to yours so that we can demonstrate the benefit of our expertise and network of contacts. We will take that opportunity to prove you the added value of our services.

Staffing of IT consultants+

When you have specific needs (temporary replacement of a permanent employee, staffing of a specialized IT consultant for a short-term project), we have a solution for you. On top of our "Alteo" IT consultants, we have an extensive network of contacts that allows us to find the right IT consultant. Our placement fee for IT resources includes the remuneration of consultants as well as all administrative tasks.

Head hunting and executive search in IT +

For head hunting, executive search or specific IT recruitment needs requiring more confidentiality, we offer retained search services. Our experienced team delivers quality services in full respect of professional ethics. Thoroughness, discretion and confidentiality are at the core of our approach.

You get competitive fees and guarantees

Our goal is to deliver personalized service and superior results. We are also aware that our success depends on the competitiveness of our fees. Call us to discuss fees and payment schedules in order to find the solution that suits you best.

Whether you need solutions for permanent staffing, temporary IT positions or head hunting services, Alteo offers service guarantees in line with industry standards.

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IT Recruiting Services and Staffing Solutions for Employers in Montreal - Alteo Inc.

We bring added-value to your recruiting effort

We help you attract the best IT professionals+

Through our network of contacts, you will have access to a pool of experienced IT specialists who are not actively looking for a job. We work as your representatives in order to attract these talented professionals to your company. Not only do we have the ability to evaluate their technical and interpersonal skills, we also know where to find the IT professionals you need and we excel at convincing them to join your company for new challenges.

We shorten your recruitment process+

We only refer quality IT professionals matching your requirements, and we have a very high "hiring per resumes sent" ratio. For each search mandate we take on, finding quality candidates in the shortest delay possible is our goal.

You benefit from flexible IT recruitment solutions and service guarantees+

Not only can we offer flexible IT staffing solutions, we have the expertise to help you choose the best solution according to your needs.

You partner with a team of highly experienced IT recruiters with an unique approach +

You will benefit from a customized service from IT recruitment experts. Our team of IT recruiters cumulates more than 80 years of experience and we implemented an unique work methodology that delivers superior results for our clients.

We conduct thorough recruitment process

Through the years we have established a thorough recruitment process that delivers proven results for our clients.

Detailed analysis of the requirements+

This preliminary phase is fundamental to our recruitment process and we invest the time required to carefully analyze our clients' needs. This phase is not based on a simple telephone conversation or a job description. We visit our clients in person and try, when possible, to meet all the stakeholders of the recruiting project (human resources, IT managers, team members). For each job opening, we analyze the requirements in terms of technical skills, interpersonal abilities, and the fit with the corporate culture. We know which questions to ask in order to reach a better understanding of the positions to be filled. An important goal of the initial meeting is to visit the offices and inquire about the details that will help us promote our client's company to our candidates.

Team presentation and discussion of positions to be filled+

At Alteo, we work on your search mandate as a team. The recruiters who have met the client present the positions to be filled to the team. This includes brainstorming, exchange of leads and discussion of search strategies.

Writing or reviewing of the job descriptions+

Most of the time the job description is provided by the client. We can also write the job description based on the requirements gathered from our discussion with the client.

Job postings on our Talent Portal and on specialized job boards+

This constitutes an anonymous posting for the client. Confidential mandates are managed with additional precaution.

Search of potential candidates +

Using various search tools: internal database (more than 25'000 resumes), external databases, network of contacts, social networking.

Pre-qualification of potential candidates+

Phone interview to validate the candidates' interest in the position offered and a brief evaluation of their skills. Only selected candidates will be met in person.

Face to face interview with one or two of our recruiters+

This entails: evaluation of technical skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills and fit with corporate culture. In order to ensure an objective, well-rounded evaluation, a second recruiter will participate in the interview (or a part of it) as often as possible. We also take that time to do a short presentation of your company, projets and corporate culture to the candidate.

Candidacy file sent to the client+

For each selected candidate, our client receives a candidacy file including a resume and a brief interview report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate for the job. We also inform you about the candidate's salary expectations and availabilities.

Candidate interview with the client followed by a debriefing+

The debriefing allows us to confirm both parties' interest and fit. Eventually, this discussion may lead to a refinement of the search criteria.

Technical test+

If required, we can perform technical tests provided by the client. Personality tests are also available through an external provider. These tests can be completed after the first or second interview depending of the recruitment process.

Reference checks+

If required by the client. This step is initiated once the applicant is considered for the position. References can be checked directly by the client or by a third party for more transparency.

Salary negotiations and presentation of employment offers+

We play the role of mediator between the candidate and the client for greater chances of success.

Post hiring follow up+

We do a follow up with both candidates and clients. Also, during the entire recruiting process, we conduct follow ups on a regular basis to keep you posted on the search status. In addition, our candidates are duly informed of the next step of the recruiting process.