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Compliance with the Web Site Accessibility Standard.

The website makes ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with the Government of Quebec's Standard on Web Site Accessibility Information Resources (SGQRI 008-01).

This site offers features that allow a very good accessibility of its content:

  • The pages are organized to be fully functional. Font sizes are relative so that they can be enlarged and reduced using the options available in your visual browser. All images have a textual alternative. It is possible to navigate this site without using a mouse.
  • The layout of the site is done using a style sheet to ensure that the structure of the information is preserved. The site uses an external style sheet so that the user can substitute his own style sheet.

A default size is defined for each textual element of the site. The user has the possibility to adjust it from the dedicated function of the browser:

  • Microsoft Edge : Menu "View", then "Text Size".
  • Firefox: "View" menu, then "Zoom".
  • Safari: "Presentation" menu, then "Zoom in" / "Zoom out"

Accessibility check:

The following software tools were used to verify the compliance of this website with SGQRI 008-01:

  • W3C HTML, CSS validator
  • Modules for Firefox:
    • Firebug
    • Web development tools
  • Color contrast analysor
  • VoiceOver (computer adaptation technology)

Need assistance:

If you have any questions about Alteo Inc. and its activities, we invite you to contact us.