Working in IT in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Many IT professionals from oversea contact us to know how is the Information Technology job market in Quebec, what are the requirements to work in Canada, or if they can apply to our Montreal IT jobs while still living abroad. Unfortunately we do not have the resource to answer each of you personally, but if you ask yourself these questions, this page is for you.

Overview of the Greater Montreal Information Technology Market

Montreal Information Technology Industry

The Greater Montreal area is often compared to the Silicon Valley only on a smaller scale. It ranks among the leaders in North America in terms of number of jobs in Information Technology. Overall, the IT industry provides nearly 10% of the private sector jobs in the Greater Montreal according to Techno Montréal.

The IT sector provides 120,000 jobs in the Greater Montreal on a total of about 170,000 in Quebec, with a strong concentration in the island of Montreal itself. In total there are around 3,000 companies in the region. Information Technology is an important growth factor. In Quebec, for the last 10 years, the IT sector has grown twice as fast as the overall GDP.

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The conditions to work in Quebec and Canada and apply to our IT jobs

To work in Canada, one of these conditions shall apply to your situation:

To apply to one of our IT jobs, you must be eligible to work in Canada. However, even if you do not already have a work visa but your immigration procedures are about to be finalized soon (between 2 to 4 weeks), we would be interested in receiving your resume for an initial assessment of your profile. Some of our clients are interested in new immigrants and we would be pleased to advise you on your job search.

Immigrate and work in Information Technology in Montreal Quebec Canada

By cons, if your immigration project is not yet completed, unfortunately we cannot effectively help you in your efforts, we are not experts in immigration. For general information, please consult the list of websites below.

Useful links to immigrate and work in Quebec and Canada

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