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To Alteo, you are more than a resume in a database. Whether you are a job seeker, an experienced IT professional looking for a new challenge, or an IT consultant looking for a temporary contract, we pride ourselves on our dedication to helping our candidates achieve their personal career goals, while respecting our professional ethics.

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Take advantage of our expertise for your career in IT

How can we make a difference for you?

We have the technical expertise to understand what you do+

Our understanding goes beyond keyword searches or counting how many years of experience you have! Our team of IT recruiters is highly experienced and we are passionate about IT.

We take the time to analyze your skills, abilities and career objectives+

We conduct a thorough recruiting process in order to have a good understanding of your profile, including your career expectations. This helps us to find the perfect fit between your aspirations and our clients' needs.

We give you access to exclusive IT jobs openings+

A good percentage of our clients don't publish their job openings on career websites. Through Alteo you have access to these "hidden" IT jobs.

We do proactive search to find you the right career opportunity+

We don't wait for our clients to call us to tell them about the talented candidates we have met! Because of our vast knowledge of the Greater Montreal IT market and through our wide network of contacts, we create career opportunities for you.

We provide counsels for your career in IT+

Our team of experienced IT recruiters can help you to make the right decisions for your career.

We provide tips for your resume and personal coaching for interviews+

Once our recruiters have evaluated your profile, they will be able to help you improve your resume so that it reflects your skills and achievements more accurately. We will also be able to coach you on how to improve your performance in interviews.

We give you access to our IT Employment Portal+

The Alteo IT Employment Portal is an online resource that allows you to communicate more effectively with our team of IT recruiters and keep your resume and personal information up to date.

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Our commitment to you

For the Alteo team, professional ethics is a priority. Values such as integrity, respect of the individuals and relationship building based on commitment and trust drive our every day actions. During the recruitment process, our recruiters know how to communicate with candidates in a professional and discreet manner.

When we communicate with our candidates, it is important for us to do it with transparency. From the first phone call till the last step of the recruiting process, we are committed to follow an open and honest approach. We conduct consistent follow ups with our candidates to keep them informed and we give them the true facts.

We will never send your resume to a client without your prior consent!

Our recruiters meet all the candidates referred to our clients. During the interview, we will always give you full details about the position and the employer. If we conclude that you are a good fit for the position and if you provide us with your consent, only then will your resume be submitted.

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