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Alteo was founded in 2009 by André Létourneau and Thomas Amy, two senior IT recruiters with more than 30 years of experience. Within a few years, they were joined by experienced IT recruiters and headhunters.

At Alteo, we all share the same passion for what we do. We love technology, we love people, and what motivates us above all is to find the perfect fit between our clients’ requirements and our candidates’ career goals.

André Létourneau - IT Recruiter / Headhunter - President - Alteo Inc. - Montreal

André Létourneau

Co-founder – President – Partner

André Létourneau's LinkedIn Profile

André Létourneau is one of the most experienced IT recruiters in Montreal. He cumulates more than 20 years of experience in both Information technology and IT recruiting.+

André began his career as a salesperson and integrator of IT solutions. He managed sales, design and integration of computer networks for clients such as US and Canadian international schools in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Back in Montreal, André joined a well renowned IT recruitment firm. For almost 13 years, he played a major role in the success of this firm and established a considerable network of contacts. Truly passionate about technology, André is known for his thorough technical knowledge, his keen understanding of client’s requirements and excellent knowledge of the IT market.

Thomas Amy

Co-founder – Vice-President – Partner

Thomas Amy's LinkedIn Profile

Thomas Amy holds a Masters degree in Human Resources and cumulates more than 10 years of experience in IT recruiting and staffing services, as business developer and IT recruiter.+

Before co-founding Alteo, Thomas spent 5 years working in IT recruitment for two of Montreal’s most renowned firms. During this period he acquired a very good knowledge of the IT recruitment industry while staffing both permanent and contract positions. In his early career, Thomas also worked as Web developer and CMS integrator, both in France and Canada. In addition to having the technical knowledge required to any good IT recruiter, Thomas knows how to build long-term relationships based on trust and respect, with both candidates and clients.

Thomas Amy - IT Recruiter / Headhunter - Vice-President - Alteo Inc. - Montreal

Éric Turcotte - IT Recruiter / Headhunter - Vice-President - Alteo Inc. - Montreal

Éric Turcotte

Vice-President – Partner

Profil LinkedIn de Eric Turcotteéric Turcotte CRIA

Éric Turcotte completed a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Relations (CIRC) and works as a full time IT recruiter since 2006.+

In a few years Éric quickly developed a solid experience in technical recruiting and a very good knowledge of Montreal IT marketplace. He acquired an expertise in IT staffing for both permanent and temporary positions. Éric is passionate, candidates and clients appreciate his dynamism and interpersonal skills. In addition to his recruiting role, Éric, as a member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et en relations industrielles agréés du Québec, is responsible to ensure that the Alteo team follows human resources’ best practices.

Paul-Étienne Major

IT Recruiter

Paul-Etienne Major's LinkedIn profile

Paul-Etienne holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a diploma in Information Technology. He works as an IT recruiter since 2007.+

Prior to joining Alteo, for over four years, Paul-Etienne has worked for two renowned firms specializing in IT. He has acquired a solid technical expertise and a good knowledge of the IT market Greater Montreal. Passionate about technology, Paul-Etienne is known for his technical understanding of the positions and ability to select the right candidates for our clients. Over the years, he also managed to build a large network of contacts, through an approach that respects candidates.

Paul-Etienne Major - IT Recruiter / Headhunter - Alteo Inc. - Montreal

Christel Deslys - IT Recruiter / Headhunter - Alteo Inc. - Montreal

Christel Deslys

IT Recruiter

Christel Deslys' LinkedIn profileChristel Deslys CRIA

Christel holds a Masters degree in Psychology and is pursuiing a Certificate in Human Resources. She cumulates more than 15 years of experience as an IT recruiter. +

Prior to joining Alteo, Christel worked for over fifteen years in several recruitment agencies and consulting firms specializing in IT. She has extensive knowledge of the Montreal information technology market, and a good technical expertise for the recruitment of permanent employees as well as staffing of specialized IT consultants. Over the years, Christel has also built a large network of contacts, through a professional and respectful approach.

Noémie Barthelet

Administrative / IT Recruitment Assistant

Noemie Barthelet's LinkedIn profile

Noémie holds an University degree in Law. She works in human resources since 2005, as a generalist and as a recruitment advisor.+

Prior to joining Alteo, Noémie worked for more than seven years in human resources: as a HR generalist for Pôle Emploi in France (the equivalent of Emploi Québec) and as staffing coordinator for an international manufacturing company. Within Atleo, she plays a central role, both at the administrative level and as a support to the recruiment team. Her efficiency, oarganization skills and sense of humor are appreciated by all.

Noémie Barthelet - IT Recruiter / Headhunter - Alteo Inc. - Montreal

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