What candidates say about us

For confidentiality reasons testimonials are anonymous but comments are real.

With the help of a team that is looking above all to understand the individual in order to provide win-win missions with their clients, I got a job in a few days. Their values, transparency, professionalism and dynamism are the strengths of the Alteo team. With their help I found my first job in Montreal after two months of research as a immigrant to Canada. They know how to go beyond a resume to find "THE" best job matching our expectations and personality. Thank you Alteo!
— Nicolas

I had the pleasure of finding a new job through Alteo and I must say that I am very happy with my new job! Alteo was very professional in their approach and did their best to help me find a job quickly in my domain according to my past experience and education. Alteo also made sure that I was well prepared for any interview that I had to go through and told me what to expect. I would highly recommend Alteo for anyone looking for a job in the IT field! Thank you Paul-Etienne and Eric! I would definitely do business with Alteo again!
— Rami

Once I established a contact with Alteo, I was interviewed and I got a job in no time. Most important, as an emigrant I felt that they valued very honestly my experience and they sent me in the right place. Thank you, Alteo!
— Christian

I am greatfull for the job opportunity that Eric introduced to me. He recognised the natural fit between the position and myself and provided proper instruction and guidance during throughout the hiring process. Despite my anxiety and nervousness, his instruction allowed me maintain my focus and resolve and be able to capitalise on this opportunity. A year and half later, this has proved to be the best career decision for me. Regards.
— John

I really appreciated the professionalism of your team, and especially the fact that you have found the right match between my qualifications and experience and the job opportunity. The compatibility was not obvious to a superficial reading of the position and you took the time to explore and explain the challenges and the work environment. With your help, I found a new challenging position with inspiring and interesting colleagues. Thank you for this successfull process, I warmly recommend your services to candidates who are looking for a career change.
— Bogdana

Very good, helpful, professional, friendly, efficient and always available to deal with my exact needs and expectation. Every aspect of the service has been of the highest standard and I have always found Alteo's service to be prompt and reliable. It's a pleasure working with both Eric and Andre.
— Mayee

I liked the responsiveness of Alteo: I called on a Friday morning and left a message on the voicemail of André Létourneau. He called me back in the afternoon to offer me an interview on Monday morning. I liked the interview with André Létourneau and Eric Turcotte because they really knew IT: the different profiles, technologies, and they had an extensive knowledge of their clients: their business model, their key technologies, projects, the working environment and the prospects of these companies. I appreciated the friendliness of our exchanges and I felt comfortable expressing my professional expectations. Thanks to Alteo, I work for a year and a half as a software developer in an innovative company.
— Rémi

Beyond an excellent personalized service, the Alteo team stands out by looking for the perfect fit between the affinities of its customers and resources, creating a fulfilling and prosperous long term partnership.
— Boris

My experience with Alteo was exceptional. After several months of unsuccessful search, both by myself and through some other recruiting agencies, I had a contact with Alteo. The first conversation on the phone was simple, clear and efficient, my profile was evaluated and an appointment was agreed for two days later. The personal interview was also frank and clear. My feeling was that I found a partner willing to help me in the best way in my job search. I received some advices and a clear and honest picture of the opportunity. A few days later I had an interview in the company and less than a week later I had a convenient job offer. I have to emphasize the efficiency and professionalism of Alteo.
— Hector

I was contacted by Alteo to respond to a job offer from a renowned client. Alteo was very clear on the expectations of the client and the chances that I had to get the job. Alteo also took into account my expectations both in terms of career but also in contractual terms. I was finally selected for the job and I must say that my involvement with Alteo was beneficial to all points of view. I strongly recommend to candidates to trust the professionalism of Alteo.
— Khaled

Alteo played a fundamental role during my whole hiring process. I would dare to say that without their technical guidance, support and feedbacks the outcome could have gone potentially different. Being outside of business for more than two years made my placement process more challenging. I not only got a position that I was looking after, but a position in a renowned company that will give me capability to develop my potential and grow. Thanks for everything!
— Liana

My experience with Alteo was very positive. The information I was getting during the interview process was always accurate and the expectations were clear and well set. I like the fact that I was well prepared for the upcoming interviews with my new employer. I appreciate the care and time given to me and I truly wish Alteo much success in the years to come. Thanks to a great professional team.
— Tony

Alteo played a very important role when I decided to change jobs. I had the chance to talk about the opportunities for my career, always with a very personalized service. The result of all this is that I am very happy with my new job.
— Fabio

I'll start first by thanking you for the position you have sent me to: it is now ten months that I thrived in my new job. When I was contacted by Alteo, I was open to a career change. From our first contact, I enjoyed the interview with André and the rest of the procedure was conducted smoothly and fast: it took me to a new position that perfectly meets my expectations and personal goals. Serious and responsiveness are the two adjectives that come to mind to describe Alteo.
— Jérôme

I come to you after several months without giving you news from me. I waited to be sure I was not in a dream, yet it is indeed the reality I'm living: my Director is exceptional and my colleagues are also very nice, I work in a good atmosphere. Again, thank you for this job you found me and I wish you a happy holiday season.
— Evelyne

Hello André, I wanted to thank you for your support throughout the hiring process and for your advice. I started work last Monday, and everything happens for the best.
— Matthieu

I enjoyed dealing with Alteo. Paul-Etienne took the time to listen to me and offered me a position that perfectly matched my expectations. I work 15 minutes by car from the house. That means every Friday at 17:15 am I can open a beer while most of my friends have at least another 30 minutes by metro / bus to do. The people I work with have a sense of humor and the boss does not put too much pressure. In addition at lunch times the boys and me we play Counter Strike Source or Unreal Tournament. It's pretty cool thank you. The company I work for does business exclusively with Alteo. To quote my boss we have already tried Jobboom but we always receive a bunch of unrelevant resumes. Thank you Alteo for finding me a job that I intend to keep for long.
— Stéphane

A little over a year ago your recruiting agency matched me with a position at your client. I just passed my first year and I could not be happier with the environment in which I work. I want to thank you for finding this position for me, helping me tailor my CV for the position and keeping me posted on my candidature for the position. I hope you are continuing to have success.
— Michael

Everything is going well, my first day was perfect, very welcoming, super interesting projects. My boss is very friendly and welcoming as it should. Thank you again for your trust and superb integration into this team! This is a professional rebirth and it changes everything!
— Benjamin

My experience at Alteo was very pleasant and professional. Eric Turcotte was able to quickly identify my needs based on my personality and my experience, he offered me a position that was a good fit and that allowed me to move forward. Thank you.
— Nicolas

I was hired by a company with the help of the Alteo crew. I worked directly with the president of the company and I really enjoyed his help. Not only did he get me in touch with a great company, but he also saw room for improvement in my resume, which he pointed out and offered good ways to make it better. Overall my experience with the company was great. Thanks Alteo crew!
— Nestor

As an immigrant, finding a job without experience in Quebec is not easy, but thanks to the Atleo team, I was able to find a job that really fits my profile.
— Abdelali

Upon my arrival in Quebec, the Alteo team provided me excellent advices and good ways of doing in my job search: customization of my resume depending on the type of job, choice of companies specialized in my field ... etc.. In just a few days, Thomas got me my first interview. I signed a week later with the company! Today, three years later, I keep a good relationship with the team and it is without hesitation that I would renew the experience with these recruitment professionals. A big thank you!
— Franck

Around February 2012 I got a call from Paul Etienne about a job, that i don't even remember that i apply for it. He told me i apply a job 1 year ago and he had my file in there database, so he called me to see if there any chance i'm looking. I dealt with more than 20 agency and i never got a call back telling me there a job available. I was like wow that is what we call service. I went through the interview and it all went very well. I am currently working at the job and i have no complaint. He manage get all my request to the company and more. Another thing that i like is we were able to do our first interview using Skype, so i don't need to go to downtown, avoid the traffic and expensive meter. If i ever need to look for a job or if i have to recommend someone it will be definitely be Alteo. Thanks!
— James

200% professional, you helped me find the job I was hoping for. Expertise ... magic assembly between my future employer needs and my experience.
— Jihad

Thank you again for your advice and supervision during the recruitment process!
— Philippe

Newly arrived in Montreal, finding a job in Quebec without experience is not easy. The Atleo team helped him find a job that exceeds my expectations. I am now a programmer in a great video game company. I have enjoyed the support of Paul-Etienne throughout the recruitment process, especially before and after the interviews.
— Maxime

I am satisfied with the services offered by Atleo to obtain a job. Their team combines professionalism and spontaneity to achieve the objectives of the job seeker.
— Yves

M. Turcotte, Thank you very much for all the efforts and the excellent follow up that you provided throughout the recruitment process. I also thank you for the confidence you have shown me. Your enthusiasm and encouragement have really helped me in this job. Your agency was the first to give me a really positive feeling about the recruitment firms. You did a great job! I hope that these sincere feelings will provide you and your team encouragement and a sense of pride, you deserve it! Thank you again.
— Driss

Alteo is a wonderful recruitment agency that works quickly and efficiently. With the help of Paul-Etienne Major, I found two jobs with just two interviews. I cannot say the same about other recruiters. It always works with Alteo. If you look for a job, Alteo is a better solution.
— Yury